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Daniele is a drummer, a composer and a producer

Born in Rome on August 20, 1966, he started playing drums in 1980. He graduated at the University of Music of Rome in 1996

He has worked with many talented artists such as Daniele Silvestri, Noemi, Karmamoi, Mike Grogan, Sound of Sirens, James Eller, Nicky Swann, Valerio Billeri, Cléo, Rising Without A Kingdom, Suzanne Cook, John McKenzie, Roberto Ciotti, Karl Potter, Rosario Jermano , Gianni Ferretti, Croma Nova, Schola Cantorum, Omnia Mundi, Platters, Emilio Merone, Mirella Lipari and among the others


Daniele is the founder and leader of Karmamoi an Italian Progressive Rock Band. Karmamoi were included by Progshine as one of the 20 best bands of the Italian Progressive Rock. With their penultimate album “Silence Between Sounds”, Karmamoi reached the second place in the Progwereld and Progstreaming charts.

The new album “The Day Is Done” released on 30 November 2018 for the English label Sonicbond, is already ranked #8 in the Progwereld and Progstreaming charts. It is getting great reviews and it is considered one of the best album of Progressive Rock of 2018

Below the discography of Karmamoi that sees Daniele involved as a producer, composer, arranger and drummer

2011 – Karmamoi

2012 – Entre Chien et Loup

2013 – Odd Trip

2016 – Silence Between Sounds

2018 – The Day Is Done

As a leader, he produced “Colors” for the American label “Sugo”

As a producer and owner of the independent label “Crisalide” he produced:

Croma Nova – Croma Nova

Valerio Billeri – Secular Trees, Infinite Days, Vintage Radio

Fabrizio Cardosa – “Cronopios, Famas and Speranze”

Gianni Ferretti – Feropedia

Karmamoi- Karmamoi

Emilio Merone and Luca Nostro – Elements

From 2012 until 2107 he lived in London. He has worked with many producers such as Mark Tucker (producer of Jethro Tull), James Eller, Ken Stringfellow, Tim Deveraux among the others, recording in many studios such as TheArc, The Green Room, Play & Rec, Studio V, Resident Studio, Studio Octopus, Westminster University Studio and playing along great musicians.

He taught at Westminster University taking lessons called “Working Drums”

He has played in some television shows: BBC1, BBC2, Domenica In (RAI 1), Buona Domenica (Canale 5) Telethon (Rai 3) Concert from May 1 at San Giovanni in Rome, Rai Open (RAI 2), Roxy Bar

He has also performed in many international festivals: Rosfest (USA), London Calling Festival (UK), Winter’s End Festival (UK) Portsmouth Festival (UK), De Andre ‘Award, Bologna Music Festival (IT), Euro Showcase Festival (NL) , Jimi (FR), SuperSound Festival (IT), Mei, (IT) May Day, Danfest (United Kingdom), Batterika Day, WPCD Festival

As a drum teacher, he worked at [Bat-te-rì-a] Drumming School, Rome Rock School, Viva Music and was Music Director at the Nova Academy. He now teaches privately in his Milan studio

He made an educational DVD for drummers entitled “GrooveUp” (Crisalide Editions),

It is an endorser for the brand “RV Drums”